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As with many things, admitting you have a problem is the first step toward a solution. As Bill Bergman of Truth In Accounting comments at Wire Points, governments "have yet to recognize retiree health care and other retirement benefits on the balance sheet, for example.

Yes, No, Maybe charts are a great way to begin a deep, accountable conversation with a partner about your wants, needs, desires, and comfort levels in and outside of sex.

To learn more about sexy consent, read my article Directions: Read through each numbered item (preferably alone first, before doing it with a partner).

Contrary to what this chart shows, there was no inflection point in 2015.

Illinois' and Chicago's budgets didn't get suddenly worse that year, they have been quite bad for a long, long time.

Since pension costs are amortized (another fancy government accounting term that means "slowly paid over a long period of time") over decades, putting their value on a balance sheet requires making a number of assumptions about how quickly those debts will be realized.

It's not impossible to do that, but there's a fair bit of disagreement about how to best make those assumptions.

Meanwhile, Cook County passed a soda tax and Illinois lawmakers approved a 32 percent tax hike last month.

Clear, Honest, and Open communication should be a part of any sexual relationship, but let’s face it: starting those conversations can be tough!

What changed is how governments have to report their debt.


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