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Paid her 4200 x 2 for over 2 hrs of play which includes dance and 1 shot. A reasonably priced Indie keeping my tastes (described above). She liked being fucked in doggy while standing in front of mirror fully bent 90 degree while being held hard by her forearm. Was fully patient with my demands of changing see half way through as it started slipping due to precum oozing. Now, I am ready to share her contact digits (I have her permission), but knowing the lack of the air of co-operation in this Forum, I will give it only to those who are able to give me something in return. She was a very average dancer but made it up with her attitude. Not a good collection, but the lady there said I must try a girl and the girl too was eager to please. She had the time and patience to entertain my attempts to chat, whenever time permitted her. She was ready for anything (except, of course, anal) - including uncovered blow job. I know many girls do it to please, but Deepi really seemed enjoying it.

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Looking for a lady with whom I can spend some really GOOD time.

Want to meet single gay men in Kolkata, West Bengal?

Got an opportunity to try out Inde Butterfly during a recent visit to the City of Joy.

Hi members, Can anyone give me the review for rose spa in Kalighat.

Please tell me what the current rate is and is it a save place to visit as I don't want any trouble. So please tell me is safe to visit or not and want time. They offer everything including anal, massage, BJ and two shots in two hrs.

They offer everything including anal, massage, BJ and two shots in two hrs. Quality of care depends on the individual and your negotiating skills! However because of the lights could not make out the stretch marks much, but the rough hands were distracting. After that visited a few more bldgs & I must say the quality has come down over the years. I was lucky, at least two of them responded to my appeal and gave me some leads. I was in touch with her for about a fortnight before I met her physically today, at my apartment. She has a cute and beautiful face, looks quite young (in her mid-twenties) and, always has a wonderful and charming smile on her face. With the right attitude, the members could make sure that the substandard and fraudulent WGs will end up in a queue for unemployment allowance and promote the genuine ones, working hard for the money they earn. But unfortunately, I find most members use this forum to boast about their "Victories" refusing to be contacted or show no responses when contacted on PM seeking details. Properly used, this forum could be of great value for all those pussy-hunters. I took membership in this Forum only recently, after I decided to visit Calcutta. She requested to take B2B as it seems they do not have much traffic there.


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