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The study also says that girls are twice as likely as boys to give away their secret codes.

Strange as it may sound, it is beginning to be considered as a sign of trust and intimacy among youngsters.

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So, people need to share them to show that they trust their partner.

More often than not, girls urge their boyfriends to share their passwords so that they can check if they're cheating on them, etc.

So I used his password and sent a hate mail to all those girls. My revenge was over." - I sent a love letter to our class teacher from my ex's account.

Can you manage online discussion groups or do you want to learn how?

- "When I found out that my best friend was dating the guy I had a crush on, I forwarded the two's online conversation to my friend's mom.

She got the lesson of her life." - "I learnt that my boyfriend was dating multiple girls.

I'm not doing this ever again in a relationship," rues Shivam Singh, 20, a law student. I'm breaking up However, some people might suffer a breakup only because they did not share their passwords.

Ruchi Anand, 22, recalls, "My boyfriend wanted my Facebook password, and I didn't want to give it.

She checks my social networking page and informs me immediately if my crush comments on my picture, and I can check her mails and see which forward mail in her inbox I'd like for myself, etc.

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