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Most healthy people are not sickened by low levels of mold.

(And some mold is, in fact, in every building.) But immune-compromised or mold-sensitive people may be affected by even low levels of mold, and healthy people can be affected by particularly pathogenic varieties of mold.

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Roberts then allegedly shot and killed her as she was getting out of her vehicle.

Kenneth Hays, a neighbor and witness for the prosecution, testified about what he saw that day, "He got out, walked up to her and shot her.

These companies can check for moisture problems and take air samples and cultures of any visible mold.

They also can remove the mold for you—and help you to prevent future mold growth. These can help kill off the fungus in the body by starving it of the nutrients that it needs to survive.

The amounts used were equivalent to those in a mold-infested home.

If you and your doctor suspect that you have been exposed to mold at home, one of the first steps to take is to call a mold-remediation company (your local health department can help you find one) that can perform a home mold assessment.

found that exposure to mold was as toxic to people as exposure to chemicals in industrial products, such as insecticides and cleaning products.

Both caused decreased balance, slower reaction times and abnormal cognitive and memory performance, compared with study participants who were not exposed.

He told the court that he got a call asking if he was dating victim.

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