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WHILE IN THE UK, HE GOT INVOLVED IN A RELATIONSHIP WITH A WHITE LADY AND THEY HAD A SON BETWEEN THAT TIME. Message Number: 12881 / Date Posted: 11/06/2007 SALIH, HALAL from UNKNOWN is being searched for by TERESA CAMPBELL from MANCHESTER hi im looking for haleal salhi he all so goes by the name of is my sons dad who is 7 years old now last seen his dad when he was 2 and i lost contact with him he lives in son is called connor campbell born 12th january 2000.please if any 1 can help me i will be really gratful. He was born in London (I think it was Earls Court in May 1967).from teresa campbell Message Number: 10790 / Date Posted: 27/11/2006 SALKELD, IAN from UNKNOWN is being searched for by TRACEY MARINER from GUILDFORD Ian, if you are out there would be nice to hear from you. Tracey Message Number: 3590 / Date Posted: 01/06/2005 SALMON, PAUL ROGER JAMES from UNKNOWN is being searched for by BILL ADAMS from UNKNOWN I am searching for my son. Message Number: 1241 / Date Posted: 17/10/2003 SALMON, DAVID from BIRMINGHAM is being searched for by PAUL DAVID SALMON from UNKNOWN i am looking for my father - david salmon - i last had contact with him around 15 years ago when he was living in the westmidlands - at that time he was a taxi driver for a company i think was called phoenix cars.

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Message Number: 1477 / Date Posted: 27/11/2003 SANDERSON, JASON from SCOTLAND is being searched for by AMANDA KING from UNKNOWN i am lookin for my adopted brother he is 24 and i am eighteen he doesnt know of me because my mum gave him up before she had me. Message Number: 48703 / Date Posted: 17/08/2016 SANSIVIERO , MARIA LYNNE from UNKNOWN is being searched for by CHRISTINA SANSIVIERO from IPSWICH Hi Im looking for my sister born Maria Lynne Sansiviero on the in ipswich.

the last i knew he was living in scotland and our mothers name is caroline, so if anybody has any information could you please get in touch because i would love to meet him xx Message Number: 15689 / Date Posted: 10/02/2009 SANGSTER, KENNETH (KEN) from UNKNOWN is being searched for by TRACEY MILLER from AUCKLAND Im looking for Kenneth Sangster for my mother-in-law, this is her father. She was adopted due to private reasons so last name would of changed but her first and middle name remained the same as far as we know.

I would like to catch up whith her if posable to say hi..... I have been looking for you since 1978 and hope and pray that you are safe. ) and for a time they were in Maryland, Washington DC.

Message Number: 16735 / Date Posted: 25/10/2009 SADLER, JOYCE from UNKNOWN is being searched for by JOHN TAYLOR from BECCLES I would like to find Joyce Evalyn Sadler, who lived in the Ipswich area of Suffolk in 1946 when I was adopted. Message Number: 16736 / Date Posted: 25/10/2009 SADLER, JOYCE from UNKNOWN is being searched for by JOHN TAYLOR from BECCLES I would like to find Joyce Evalyn Sadler, who lived in the Ipswich area of Suffolk in 1946 when I was adopted. Message Number: 19643 / Date Posted: 27/09/2011 SADLER, KENNETH from UNKNOWN is being searched for by MARGARET BRAIN (NEE RODHAM) from RUGBY I am tyring to locate Ken Sadler who is married to Jean and was in the merchant navy with my brother in law Con Hamlin during the 1950s. Dee may have married a Lebanese man called Simon Sahoury. As I mention, I now have someone precious to introduce to her.

Tina Message Number: 14527 / Date Posted: 20/06/2008 SACKETT, DAVID from UNKNOWN is being searched for by KIRSTY DALZIEL from ARDROSSAN Im lookingfor my mothers Brother - he will originally be from Wales my Mothers name it Gail and was born in 1958 .... Message Number: 1530 / Date Posted: 10/12/2003 SADIE, FLATHER from EXMOUTH is being searched for by STEVEN MEYER from UNKNOWN hi im steve. Message Number: 14936 / Date Posted: 12/09/2008 SAHOURY, DEANNA from UNKNOWN is being searched for by STEPHANIE MURPHY from LONDON Dee, please contact me asap I have someone very precious to introduce to you. They also lived in Sussex or Surrey Gardens off the Edgware Road in London.

im looking for sadie was in my year at exmouth comunity collage,we left school in 1989. (Your last address in the UK was 8 Mareschal Road, Guildford in Surrey). I do believe they were airlifted to the USA after the war broke out in the Lebanon in 1978 (?

Message Number: 14215 / Date Posted: 24/04/2008 SALT, RICHARD from UNKNOWN is being searched for by KATHLEEN OHALLORAN from WIGAN if you relate to this we met about 12 years ago in stoke on trent at a club called kinettic we started going out you lived in preswitch manchester it was only for a few months in that time i got pregnant you also new about this we lost contact you have a 11 year old daughter who always asks who her dad is its only fair to tell her the truth she is your daughter get in toutch. Message Number: 2376 / Date Posted: 13/04/2004 SAMANTHA, BORRINGTON from LITTLEOVER, DERBY is being searched for by CHRIS O CONNOR from UNKNOWN Im looking for Samantha Borrington who i met in Prestatyn In Wales in 1991. She lived in Littleover in Derby and Ithink she worked in tescos.

Message Number: 15865 / Date Posted: 11/03/2009 SALTER, JEFF from UNKNOWN is being searched for by LINDA MERCURY from PAGHAM anyone know Jeff Salter (Salts) last seen in Richmond, Surrey approx 1968/69 at LAuberge Cafe, Richmond Bridge. Met you all in Amsterdam 1969 in Dam Square, then we went to Nordwijk where I was staying. I still have the hat he brought me back from India. We kept in touch until 1995,when she left her parents to live somewhere else Message Number: 348 / Date Posted: 02/01/1900 SAMBROOK, FAY from NOT KNOWN is being searched for by IAN SAMBROOK from UNKNOWN Fay Sambrook, please contact your father or myself, his partner, Anne Stride at the same address as we are getting married and looking to have children of our own and would very much like you to be a part of our lives. Thank You, Barbara Message Number: 15236 / Date Posted: 12/11/2008 SAMSON, ROBERT from UNKNOWN is being searched for by CATRIONA THOMSON from KIRKCALDY I am searching for my biological father Robert Samson.

Last know address was Houston, Harris County, Texas. Daniels Mother is Rosalynn Alexandra Samson her maiden name was Calder and she may also be know by the surname Fraser she was born in May 1969, she too was last know to be living in the Cumbernauld area with her Husband Robert Samson who was born in 1959, if you know where Daniel is and how he maybe contacted your help would be greatly appreciated Message Number: 11137 / Date Posted: 24/12/2006 SAMUELS, ERROL from UNKNOWN is being searched for by CETA BURNETTE from WILLESDEN greetings errolif by chance you get this message i would like to hear from youblessing ceta Message Number: 2185 / Date Posted: 18/03/2004 SAMUELS, SHAUN ROBERT from WALWORTH, LONDON is being searched for by ANTHONY JAMES ALAN ELLIOTT from UNKNOWN shaun samuels if you have internet access and you see this message please get in touch its tony ,debbies brother im now living in Manchester I here your now living in wales and have now settled down again with kids would be nice to hear from you or see you again.

Message Number: 3419 / Date Posted: 18/03/2005 SANAP, KRISHNA from UNKNOWN is being searched for by KRISHNA SANAP from UNKNOWN 750 Books, Reports & Manuals You Can Reprint & Sell and Make a Fortune!

How to Write a Job Winning Resume, How to Sell Books By Mail, How to Write Profitable Classified Ads and many more! When i was very young, your family moved to Didcot, Oxfordshire? If you would like to meet me, I am anxiously awaiting your message.


  1. OP - thankfully you're from Canada, so you should have an easier time to go versus someone living in USA. When I see pics of those old cars, I'd love to bring some back, have them restored and sell them. Food can be bought very cheap at the Cuban market and you pay in Cuban pesos not CUC's.

  2. It’s not unusual to attend an ex-partner’s wedding.

  3. " Winehouse answered, "super sexuality." In the same interview, the singer also said "sex" was how she relaxed and that "more sex and more gym" would be the single thing that'd improve the quality of her life.

  4. Most like American dating culture in its approach, the British dating culture has become a system of strictly evaluating person against person to find the best match for personal preferences before committing to an exclusive relationship.

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  8. As a suggestion it would be good if there was a property on the Date. You can post your profile, use advanced search, send and receive messages absolutely free. Kendrajay / Age: 19 jam76 / Age: 39, mcgin9p Iw / Age: 45, gayy Bishh / Age: 19 gessq34 / Age: 26 smdamber / Age:.

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