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The police probe, named Operation Conifer, began in 2015 after claims against Sir Edward surfaced.

This flexibility is being offered in recognition of demographic changes, which are leading to growing demand for adult social care.

Wiltshire Council plans to use this levy to meet this demand and ease the increased pressure on adult social care budgets.

"Whilst it is not commonplace for us to comment on a live ongoing criminal investigation I really am very concerned and profoundly disappointed about the impact of this speculation on the public's confidence in the police, the potential prejudicial impact upon a live criminal investigation, not to mention the confidence of persons who have come forward with information." He described the investigation as "complex and multi-stranded" but added: "This is not a 'fishing trip' or 'witch-hunt' - both of these terms have been unfairly levelled at us.

"The legal role of the police service is to, on behalf of the public, impartially investigate allegations without fear or favour, and go where the evidence takes us.

In the 2017/18 financial year, a band D household will pay £1,334.63 to Wiltshire Council.

A band D household will contribute £70.59 toward the fire and rescue authority (an increase of 1.99% from 2016/17); £170.27 toward the police (an increase of 1.90% from 2016/17); and an average of £95.35 toward the town or parish council (which is an increase of 9.35% from 2016/17) – please note that this will vary depending on where you live.

The amount of council tax you pay depends on which council tax band your property is in.

This is based on how much the property was worth on 1 April 1991.

Your bill will show any variation from 2016/17 to one decimal place.

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