Sexting rooms

As a parent you might never really know whether you’re teen has been involved in sexting, but by being able to talk things through with your teen you will have made them aware of the dangers they could possibly face.The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre say that some of the material being circulated can find its way onto forums being used by child sex offenders.It is important to open up the channels of communication and be able to discuss this openly so they are aware of the implications.

You might want to start a discussion with them exploring the consequences of sexting asking them if someone was to send a sexting image, what would they be consenting too?

For example, the other person to see this picture and then you can ask them what would they not be consenting too?

For others it was a way of showing their partner that they cared about them, however it is important to reiterate to young people that there are other ways to show you care without having to resort to sexting.

Your teen might not be the one sending sexual content to others through sexting, but they might be on the receiving end.

In addition, Dust will notify you if a screenshot has been grabbed.

Sexting is the sending and receiving of naked pictures or 'nudes', 'underwear shots', sexual or 'dirty pics' or rude text messages or videos.

This is an offence under the Protection of Children Act 1978 and the Criminal Justice Act 1988 There are many reasons young people may engage in sexting, whether it is to show someone they care, do something they think the other person wants or perhaps a lack of insecurity may make them want to seek attention in possibly the wrong places.

A young person may feel under pressure to send or receive an image because they are worried that they will be bullied if they don’t get involved.

Encourage your child to report any incidents of sexual bullying whether they are involved or not.

Make it clear that any incidents of bullying are unacceptable no matter where they are and that it will not be tolerated.

Sometimes, images are sent round in group messages to everyone on a contact list so they may not have had any idea that they were going to be sent this.

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