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En el planeta televisivo se siguen buscando nuevos formatos de entretenimiento que marquen un antes y un después.Cada ciertos años, se enciende la bombilla de alguien, se conjuran los astros de la audiencia y aparece un formato rompedor que es adaptado en multitud de países cosechando éxitos allá donde va.Los tenemos de todos los colores: grabados, en directo, con frikis, con personas de mediana edad, en ciudad, en parajes paradisiacos…

Estarán asesorados por un psicólogo que ayudará a los solteros y solteras a conocer a su pretendiente más allá de la apariencia física.

Es decir, que dejando al lado lo de la desnudez, no aporta nada que nos pueda hacer sentir curiosidad, ni se diferencia de cualquier otro programa de citas.

"If you have an incredible story and you're naked, awesome. I'm not so sure how that is helping the world move forward.

I feel like a lot of people are getting so desensitized."But Jackie Youngblood says taking the mystique out of the uncovered human form is a good thing.

And VH1's Susan Levison says Dating Naked was the first project she bought when she became programming chief last fall, and has since heard severalmore pitches for naked TV shows.

Put "naked" in the title, bare bodies on the screen and watch what happens. Those in front of the cameras seem to figure out the sum is worth more than the private parts."I forgot I was naked," says Alison Teal, a surfer, survivalist and filmmaker who participated on Season 1 of Naked and Afraid. Rihanna and Miley regularly push the celebrity skin limits, but now unknown reality contestants are baring all, with only blurry digital fig leaves preventing a full Monty. Rihanna and Miley push the limits on showing celebrity skin, but now real people are getting into the act, baring all Adam-and-Eve-style on television, with only blurry digital fig leaves preventing a full Monty.Sunday, Discovery is offering a sneak peek of a new Naked season (10 ET/PT ) that features a single man and woman who've never met in new, exotic locations.For example, on one preview episode of Dating Naked, a man and woman meet, do some naked kayaking, have some coconut drinks and talk. About 11 minutes later, he's confessing to the cameras that he's just not sure there's any emotional connection.Sounds like the opening night cocktail party on any season of The Bachelor.Basta con echar un vistazo a la parrilla en recién empezado 2016 y descubriremos varios programas: desde el ya mítico (Antena 3).


  1. “Relax, she’s talking about the Pixar movie “Inside Out,” he said, putting his hand on my arm.

  2. Moreover, people have different personalities, so you also need to feel out your chat mates first before getting naughty with them.

  3. It’s really common – for both men and women – but if you’ve never bothered to put yourself in the shoes of the opposite sex, you may be killing your chances to find love. Your perspective on sex is way different than his perspective – and how neither of them is wrong! You may not be conscious of it, but every man you meet causes you to ask these questions: Is he polite to the waiter? So if he talks about his crazy ex, you may conclude that he’s hung up on her or is a misogynist with baggage.

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  5. The absence of a father figure in the home brings about a chain reaction of dilemmas.

  6. Previously mentioned were closed at the bridge across the straits of mackinac to connect the board with the idea of having a long long.

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