Simple validating c input

There are plenty of other places where it is easy to overflow strings.Pretty much any time you perform an operation that writes to a "string," there is room for a problem.The major consequence of this nonabstraction is that the language does not manage the length of strings; you have to do it yourself.

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Simple validating c input

Unfortunately, in C and C , it is not only possible to overflow buffers -- it is easy, particularly when dealing with strings.

The problem is that C strings are not high-level data types; they are arrays of characters.

Sometimes, this can be done at compile time, but generally it is done dynamically, right before data gets written.

The C and C philosophy is different -- you are given the ability to eke out more speed, even if it means that you risk shooting yourself in the foot.

Buffer overflows are generally very easy for a C or C programmer to understand.

An experienced programmer has invariably written off the end of an array, or indexed into the wrong memory because he improperly checked the value of the index variable.

For example, cryptography and a strong authentication protocol can help prevent attackers from capturing someone's login credentials and sending those credentials as input to the program.

If this entire cookbook focuses primarily on preventing malicious inputs, then why do we have a chapter of recipes specifically devoted to this topic?

Certainly, we recommend using , that are consistent in their behavior, and they provide an indication back to the caller of how much space in the destination buffer would be required to successfully complete their respective operations without truncating the results.


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