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So this is our message to all you single mums and single dads out there it's time to start over! Unlike other dating sites, where you may not be sure whether the other people are happy to date parents, you can be sure that everyone on Single Parent Singles is, and feel confident in approaching them, for a chat or to meet up. Dating For Parents Our message to all you single mums and single dads out there is it's time to start over!

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That's where we fit in, The good news is that Single Parent has been created especially single parent dating.

Our site is here to help lone parents find other parents to date online...

But I see now that when he is not there for the kids, it is because forces bigger and darker than him are at play. Listen to my Like a Mother episode ‘If he doesn’t see his kids, don’t fuck him’: What to tell your kid when their dad is not involved My kid’s dad isn’t involved and I don’t know what to say The real reason your ex doesn’t see the kids Close the pay gap? 50-50 visitation and no child support Should you date a guy who doesn’t see his kids?

And those things prevent him from being the parent he wants desperately to be — and enjoy his children as much as he otherwise might.

to discover soulmates who they might otherwise never have met.

To that end, we provide a wealth of highly effective features.I thought I could do a much better job organizing and cataloging these programs so why not build a site to help others while I’m helping myself?I’ve thrown a few ads and affiliate links in here and there for minor monetization but for now this site is simply a reference and testing platform for me.I will continue to add at least one new affiliate resource or article each day so please bookmark this site and check back often.I promise to keep this site continuously up-to-date, fresh, and relevant.So when your heart breaks because he stood your son up again, are enraged at his disregard for your time at yet another last-minute cancelation, or your daughter knows her dad is on vacation with the new girlfriend but says he can’t afford to see her, you are 100% entitled to be livid.


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  3. It’s a place to share my love for making, decorating, celebrating, and loving on my family… My husband Ben is a registered dietitian, which contributes to our philosophy of healthy eating and the constantly exposing our girls to high nutrition foods (we do have a list of “sometimes” foods that we like to indulge in too).

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