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The Maryland Coast Dispatch has a really good article about Violets are Blue, the 1986 movie starring Sissy Spacek and Kevin Kline that was filmed entirely in, and around, Ocean City, MD. Violets are Blue is only major motion picture, that I know, to filmed in Ocean City.

The one scene I remember was they were sitting on the beach at Assateague with the OC boardwalk in the background.

It looked like a normal home from the outside, but once you walked in it was only half finished.

On one side was the kitchen with the cabinets and counter tops and very normal. My enjoyment of the "Violets are Blue" house was short lived.

With lofty dreams and youthful ambition, they parted to build separate lives.

Fifteen years later, Gussie - an accomplished photojournalist and single woman - returns to her hometown to reassess her life.

I have been going to OC since 1967 and have seen the changes there.

I remember when this movie first came out and had it on VHS but could never buy it on DVD.A chance reunion becomes a second chance in VIOLETS ARE BLUE, a touching, bittersweet love story starring Kevin Kline (The Big Chill) as Henry Squires and Sissy Spacek as Gussie Sawyer.Years ago, Henry and Gussie were high school sweethearts in the small seaside town of Ocean City, Maryland.The Atlantic Hotel Inn & Restaurant can be seen in both of those movies.I grew up in Salisbury and spent most of my downtime in Ocean City.You just want to go with him back to his house and see him come through for his family. This is a love story about early life decisions haunting is as we grow up. She even joins him at a family dinner and meets his wife (Bonnie Bedelia) and son.

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