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Milliseconds are supported because that's what the Skype4COM library uses.

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Doing so will empower employees to help protect a company’s data and reputation.

Even so, that’s just the beginning of what enterprises should be doing to protect themselves against digital extortion.

They then use a pre-recorded video of a girl downloaded from a pornographic website to trick the user into thinking they’re talking with someone in real time.

The scammers go to every length to make the chat session appear legitimate.

For instance, users should never post too much information about themselves on Twitter or Facebook, as fraudsters could abuse that information to steal their identity.

They should also be careful about whom they connect with on social media.

Each perpetrator relies on different tools and techniques to victimize unsuspecting users. Some instances are entirely malware-based, whereas others exploit users’ sensibilities with the help of social engineering techniques.

Here’s the story of one attack that pivoted on a Skype scam.

As a general rule of thumb, they should connect only with people whom they’ve met in real life.


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