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The issue with Dragon Age 2 being registered first has been fixed, yes, but there are still a few people having trouble.

The team is going to run a script either today or early next week to try to fix the few accounts left experiencing it. There was a problem getting to the diagnostics page for a bit after syncing was brought back up, but it's good to go. There is more info on that in the troubleshooting guide.

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Social bioware not updating

Many players reported issues with profile synchronization, especially since the announcement that Dragon Age Keep, the tool to recreate your world state for Dragon Age: Inquisition, will access these profiles. If you still have problems, please reply or make a new thread.

Make sure to mention which steps described in this guide you have taken.

It says it's synched with the green checkmark and everything.

It doesn't actually do any importing from the Keep until you start character creation.

The button that says "Dragon Age Keep" just points to the web site.

Start your character and after it asks your gender/race/class it asks you if you want to import a world state. I am having problem syncing my Origins account to Dragon Age Keep.

I'm logged in in inquisition (I've done some multiplayer already) but every yime I go to the keep it says "To Import a customer world state, Log in and visit the dragon age keep" What am I doing wrong?

Nexonkid wrote: So I finished doing everything on the keep.

Bio Ware has not officially announced a fourth title in the series.

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