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On the ground floor a living room with 1 4 club chairs a fireplace, a bedroom with a bed for 2 people and a bathroom with shower, sink and toilet.

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So you finally did your due diligence, no longer wanting that off-the-rack $8 ‘watch’ and ready to join us at the adult table.

No longer are you going to rock a plastic piece that looks like it came from a kid’s meal, and off into the land of horology.

You can often find the watch you want for under retail price as competition can be fierce on the internet.

When you have found the best price, make sure the company selling it is reputable and that they offer a warranty.

Good, solid watches have solid metal links, whereas cheaper versions use metal links that are hollow.

To see what kind you are looking at, look at the links from a side view.

5.00 Only .40 (After 70% discount) In the world of timepieces, there are many different watches to choose from.

If your budget is under 00, you can have something that is simple and functional to something with more class and elegance.

If you see the hollow center, you are not getting solid metal.

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