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When all of the City’s witnesses have testified and been examined, the Defendant calls his or her witnesses, who may also be cross-examined by the City’s Solicitor. You can object to the introduction of evidence if it is legally inadmissible under the rules of evidence.

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It is your responsbility to follow-up with the court on your request.

What happens if I miss my court date and my fine has not been paid?

Your request must contain your name; current physical address; citation number(s); telephone number; e-mail address and a detailed reason why you need to change your court date.

While every effort is made to accomodate your request, it is not guaranteed that it will be granted.

Your insurance company has the right to review your driver’s history and they will see that you were issued a citation.

The “Nolo” plea does not keep the citation Fines are set by the Judge based on Georgia State Law.

For more serious violations, such as DUI, Reckless Driving, No Insurance, Racing, Laying Drags, Open Container, etc., a Failure to Appear Warrant maybe issued for your arrest, which adds a fee of 0.00, plus the .00 suspension fee. The Judge can elect to either give you an extension to pay or put you on probation to make payments.

Payment is expected once the case has been disposed of; with the exception of someone going on probation, or any other pre-arranged conditions that have been granted by the Judge.

A ticket that is dismissed in court by the Judge will not go on your record.

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