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It had a 372 mile range, sported three 150 HP engines, and two defensive machine guns, flying at 75 MPH. We saw the Boeing P-12E Pursuit (Fighter) developed during the interwar period, all on Boeing’s own dollar.

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It was considered “Obsolete” as a fighter plane by then with its 90 horse power engine. I – “Triplane”, one of the most successful German WW I fighters, and the favorite plane of Baron Von Richthofen, who got 19 of his last 21 kills (80 total) with this aircraft.

With a top speed of 103 miles per hour, it was highly maneuverable in a dogfight if handled properly.

Charles Kettering (same as the city, same as General Motors, co-founder of the “Engineer’s Club” of Dayton, previously mentioned) tried to design and build the first ever remotely controlled bomb.

Using a mini biplane whose wings were to fall off, several were built but none saw combat – but it was an innovation well ahead of its time.This part will be a competition whereby the audience will have a chance to vote on their favorite film.The second part will be made up of last year's People's Choice Winner, “Speed Dating” by Meghann Artes, as well as a Local Spotlights segment featuring some videos made by local talent.Also included is a short article on the famous “Doolittle Raid” contributed by one of the tour attendees, who happens to be a Board member of the AMTA organization. Kent based his comments on a compilation of facts and ideas from his own reading, research, as well as on details provided on the National Museum of the United States Air Force website (We saw the Wright Brothers 1909 Military Flyer shown below.This aircraft on display is an exacting reproduction of the first aircraft purchased by the US Signal Corps, US Army for ,000 in 1909 (which was a LOT of money back then).

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