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In this article, I ll go through other programming aspects, such as paging, sorting, and conflict detection during updates. The primary goal of the Object Data Source control is to create, read, update, delete (CRUD).

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I came across a blog post discussing a slick way to use the ASP.

NET AJAX Update Progress control to add a gmail-like progress indicator to an ASP. I liked the approach the author used and it clearly works great for scenarios where you want to display a single 'something is happening' message to the user while the page is being updated. If your screens are relatively simple, or if you feel the update should be obvious this is probably not an issue for you.

You can design your business layer according to the Data Mapper pattern and reason in terms of classes and entities then mapped to tables.

In other words, if you re going to create a manager for customer entities, you end up having methods such as those shown here: The Customer class is an entity class that represents your definition of a customer.

Depending on the structure of the record, this can be quite a few values.

There s a better approach than simply enumerating a potentially long list of parameter values.However, after the operation completes and the indicator disappears, it is still up to the user to figure out where on the screen (i.e. Unfortunately things aren't so for the web application I am currently working on.A few of the screens contain a number of different sections and users would like to see the indicator rendered over the control (most commonly a Grid View or Details View) that is being updated.These collections are persisted to the ASPX source file and bind live data to a method s formal parameters in a declarative manner. To understand declarative parameters in data source controls, take a look at the following code snippet: The bound object data source contains a method named Load, which takes a single string parameter named id.You declare the source of the parameter data and how it binds to a given formal parameter on the method s signature. The data source control automatically invokes the Load method passing the information returned by the Control Parameter object.For the gmail progress indicator, the On Updaing animation runs a piece of Java Script that calculates the bounds of the Grid View that is contained within the Update Panel and renders an HTML DIV in the upper right hand corner of the Grid View control.


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