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When career-driven thirtysomethings Sabrina (Paula Patton) and Jason (Laz Alonso) tie the knot after only six months of dating, they set their families on a cultural collision course.

You end up hearing something enough and you start to believe it.” Smith has been left “devastated” by the fallout from her split from professional husband Keith Douglas, and has thrown herself into her work. Smith doted on her stepchildren: she took them on vacations and bought them designer duds and cars.

Tasha Smith’s ex-husband, Keith Douglas, took to Facebook and Twitter to share an open letter about his marriage.

“He started harassing her,” a source close to the actress and her twin sister, Sidra, exclusively told BOSSIP. But it’s like she’s working to give him money.” Last month, a judge ordered Smith to shell out $7,000 a month in spousal support to Douglas, on top of the $50,000 lump sum she handed over late last year.

“They weren’t getting pregnant because she was a ‘b***h.’ It was always her fault, and she took it. News of Smith’s fragile state comes as BOSSIP can reveal the extent of Douglas’ alleged betrayal: • Swiped her diamond jewelry and replaced the stones with cubic zirconias • Uses a book on how to charm women using the scripture • Leaked reports that Smith was an alcoholic when she filed for divorce Smith is especially hurt that Douglas’ children have turned their backs on her, the source said, because it was Smith who urged Douglas to revive his estranged relationship with them. She got all them kids together.” But the source says Douglas’ daughter treats her dad more like her lover and posts unnerving messages about their relationship on social media. “It’s like she’s his girlfriend.” “It’s very unusual, the nature of their relationship.” The source is adamant that Smith and Douglas’ messy marriage should be annulled.

Tyler Perry star Tasha Smith had her marriage erased from planet Earth, after a judge ruled her hubby was a fraud.

Tasha got her marriage annulled a few days ago, after claiming he had a secret life he kept from her.

Each student is required to have a 2-3 min monologue prepared.

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Smith still sends promising students from her Tasha Smith Actors Workshop into Chubbuck's care.

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