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The instrument uses ultrasound vibrations to break the cataract into fine pieces, which are gently suctioned out. Usually no stitches are required to close the incision.

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Anything you see is an image that enters your eye in the form of light.

Inside your eye is a lens, much like the lens of a camera.

For perfect vision the lens should be clear so that light can pass through it and reach the retina.

When the lens becomes cloudy or opaque, light cannot pass through it and the vision becomes dim or blurred. A cataract is not a growth or a film over the eye - it is a cloudiness of the natural lens inside your eye.

Small Incision Cataract Surgery (SICS): This is a new technique where the cataract is removed manually through a small incision.

The small incision heals fast, enabling you to recover quickly.Also, his family is said to have kept him a distance after the incident.He was unmarried and staying alone in a flat in Hyderabad.But once the cataract progresses, changing glasses will not help.You will notice some deterioration in your ability to see things clearly from a distance.When he was thinking of taking his career to the next level, he was arrested for his involvement in alleged drug dealings.


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