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Beginning in 2014 or earlier, the scheme yielded approximately million from approximately 90 investors worldwide.

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Our team has conducted a comprehensive study of all prior SEC awards and denials of awards to ensure that our clients don’t assume unnecessary procedural risk.

As of July 2017, none of our clients has been denied an award for failure to satisfy the SEC Whistleblower Program's many technical requirements.

In 2010, Congress enacted the SEC Whistleblower Program — an innovative program providing robust employment protections, monetary awards and the ability to report anonymously. If you have information about a possible violation of the federal securities laws and would like to speak to a member of our Whistleblower Representation Team, please call (212) 907-0836 or electronically submit this confidential and secure case evaluation form.

Your submission is confidential, protected with industry-leading SSL encryption and submitted directly to the Whistleblower Representation Team.

Back Recognizing the inherent complexity of the federal securities laws, clients take comfort in the fact that Labaton Sucharow has been prosecuting—and winning—high-profile securities cases for more than half a century.

Back In the wake of the global financial crisis, as the nation debated how to break the cycle of corporate scandals plaguing the markets, our financial watchdogs landed on two fundamental truths: The status quo wasn’t working and law enforcement could not effectively and efficiently police the marketplace without the help of private individuals.For most whistleblowers, the stakes are simply too high to risk using amateurs.With more than 50 years of private securities enforcement experience and decades of SEC prosecutorial experience, our knowledge is unparalleled.The federal securities laws are vast, complex and rapidly changing.SEC whistleblowers deserve legal counsel who possess a deep mastery of the securities laws and extensive SEC enforcement experience.Defendants, an investment advisory firm and its owner, fraudulently overbilled clients and stole assets from their trusts to pay for personal expenses/luxury items. Case resolved by settlement following conviction of defendant Broidy in a parallel criminal matter.

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