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See what species have been observed this week in the Algonquin Park Birding Report.Ever wondered why birds are common in some winters and seem absent in other years? Learn more from former Algonquin Park Naturalist Ron Pittaway in the current Winter Finch Forecast.

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Hoary Redpolls in Algonquin Park are often mixed in Common Redpoll flocks making identification challenging.

If you see a Hoary Redpoll please take a picture and contact us. The Black-capped Chickadee eats seeds and insects to survive the winter months and often forages together with nuthatches and Brown Creepers.

A male Evening Grosbeak (left) is a striking-looking, seed-eating specialist that uses its massive bill to crush cherry pits and other large seeds. American Goldfinch eat the seeds of White Birch, Speckled Alder, White Cedar and various weeds. An American Goldfinch has 50% greater feather mass in winter than in summer to survive cold temperatures like those found in Algonquin Park.

This winter Algonquin Park is one of the best locations to observe this declining bird species in southern Ontario. Read more Pine Siskin are small birds with sharp, pointed bills more slender than those of most other winter finches.

The Ruffed Grouse is a chicken-like widespread year-round resident of Algonquin Park.

This species often feeds on buds of deciduous trees like birch and poplar during the winter months.

Female birds are duller coloured showing a yellow-orange-olive colour with dark wings and two wing bars.

The beak of the Pine Grosbeak is large, wide and used to consume seeds and buds.

It paid off with plenty of snow to get through the winter!


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