Undarage cam

Police say when they found Smith and Mitchell there were two children, a 3 and 6-year-old, also in the car.

Smith told the judge those were not her children but at this point, it's unclear if she was their nanny.

As part of their bail conditions, each of the men were ordered to stay away from schoolyards, daycares, public swimming pools and playgrounds – anywhere that children under 16 would reasonably be.

The four men who pleaded guilty received sentences ranging from two to seven months behind bars, he added. 3 to face charges was a 29-year-old Markham man, who court heard works an office job in logistics.

The parents of the accused wept as the allegations were read out in court, with his father explaining to a reporter outside the courtroom that they had “no idea” their son was allegedly involved in such activities.

report that claims the R&B singer had a sexual relationship with then-underage Jerhonda Pace in 2008.

Pace, who is now 24 years old and has three children, claims she met R. Kelly was on trial for child pornography (the dark irony of this situation should not be lost on anyone).

Asked about the allegations against him outside court, a 30-year-old Markham man explained: “I first said goodbye and then she texted me back.” When asked for clarification, the man who bailed the accused out swore and hit the reporter’s microphone.

Asked whether he tried to have sex with a 16-year-old girl, the accused said: “Certainly not.” When a 29-year-old Bradford man was asked about the allegations against him outside court, he replied: “I have to say it was entrapment.” Asked whether he thought he was going to have sex with an underage sex worker, he said: “No, I was never gonna do that.” Police said the goal of the initiative is to protect teenage sex workers, who are often enslaved in the sex trade by pimps.

If convicted, the men could face at least six months in jail.

Investigators say their hope is that other men will be deterred from booking dates with underage sex workers – even if that deterrence is only from the fear of being duped by an undercover officer.

When they were contacted by potential clients, the clients were allegedly told the sex worker was 16 years old, Casey said.


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