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Regards, Joluko Age of consent laws mean diddly if the kid is under 18 and the parents say no.Why do so many idiots believe that as soon as a minor child reaches the age of consent the parents have no further control?The truth is that a 21 year old will never bring you around his friends as he would be too embarrased to let everyone know that he has a 15 year old girlfriend.

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(2) Child molestation in the third degree is a class C felony. as I said, if you do anything more than peck him on the cheek he gets to defend himself in open court from a class C felony.

(1) A person is guilty of child molestation in the third degree when the person has, or knowingly causes another person under the age of eighteen to have, sexual contact with another who is at least fourteen years old but less than sixteen years old and not married to the perpetrator and the perpetrator is at least forty-eight months older than the victim.

On the other hand, until the late 1980s' the age of consent for anal sex was 21. On May 1st, 2008, the age of consent for vaginal sex was raised to 16.

But the age of consent for anal sex was not lowered from 18.

The age of consent varies between states and countries.

The website Sxetc has a feature which give information on American age of consent laws and general sex laws, by state.You spend a short portion of your life going through the teenage years but the choices you make during that time will affect you.Example, if you start dating a guy who has had way too many arrests for burglary and he has an addiction to heroin but you are convinced he is "oh so hot" you can expect to possibly contract Hepatitus, miss a prom because your "hotty" is in jail or end up in a stolen car because "boy genius" needed a ride so he could go to the pawn shop.In some states, laws are different depending on the gender of the people involved.The back story is that for over 100 years, Canada's age of consent for vaginal sex was 14.If he protested I would let him feel the soles of my boots on his backside. "A 21 year old has no business dating a 15 year old.


  1. He took me to an incredible restaurant overlooking the Hudson River and took me to dessert at a spot near his apartment.

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