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The most successful weedy colonizers are the introduced plants that have had a long history of association with human activities elsewhere.

Since then, I have studied weeds there, as a junior technician, as a summer student, as a biologist, as a research scientist, and, from 1978 to 1987, while Director of The Biosystematics Research Institute.

Since my formal retirement in 1987, from what is now called Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, I have continued to work as an (unpaid) honorary research associate. Cavers and I initiated The Biology of Canadian Weeds series in The Canadian Journal of Plant Science. Now after nearly three-quarters of a century of studying weeds, I am putting together some of my thoughts about the biology of these interesting plants.

Possibly because of the recent global warming, some weeds have recently extended their ranges, from warmer areas further south, northward into and within the northern United States and Canada; some now appearing for the first time in northern Canada and Alaska.

The most successful colonizing weeds are introduced plants, from similar hardiness zones, that have left many of their competitors, predators, parasites and diseases behind.

Read his biography "The Real Weed Man" available in print and ebook.

My interest in the biology of weeds began when I joined the staff of Agriculture Canada, at the Central Experimental Farm in Ottawa, in 1947.They continually selected the most edible parts of any plants that volunteered in their rubbish piles.Over the course of many years, this selection produced food plants with vastly improved seeds, or roots, or other plant parts.I find that this is a fetish that's hard to get someone to do in real life, so to the wonderful online world I go. I seriously love hearing about how small it is, so don't be ...23 year old African American woman that loves older men. Bored at night, most of the time I'll be watching football, playing games or chatting. Please remember even tho this is a sex site to still respect people. I love being that bad little boy again and punished or trick... For those of you that knew me, I'd love to chat. If you're one of those website weirdos thanks, but if i wanted to rate or buy your crap id go on a site for that, so don't bother asking.

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