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New version numbers on the packages now reflect updates to the media player, converter, etc.

The video codec, which was actually not MPEG-4 compliant, was extracted around 1998 by French hacker Jerome Rota (also known as Gej) at Montpellier.

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Rota hacked the Microsoft codec because newer versions of the Windows Media Player would not play his video portfolio and résumé that were encoded with it.

Instead of re-encoding his portfolio, Rota and German hacker Max Morice decided to reverse engineer the codec, which "took about a week".

In early 2000, Jordan Greenhall recruited Rota to form a company (originally called Div XNetworks, Inc., renamed to Div X, Inc.

in 2005) to develop an MPEG-4 codec, from scratch, that would still be backward-compatible with the Microsoft MPEG-4 Version 3 format.

While video encoded with the Div X codec is an MPEG-4 video stream, the Div X Media Format is analogous to media container formats such as Apple's Quick Time.

In much the same way that media formats such as DVD specify MPEG-2 video as a part of their specification, the Div X Media Format specifies MPEG-4-compatible video as a part of its specification.Div X Video on Demand (Div X VOD) is Div X's version of digital rights management (DRM), which allows content copyright holders to control distribution. has received format approval from major Hollywood studios including Sony, Paramount and Lionsgate, which has allowed content retailers to sell protected videos that will play on current and previous generations of Div X certified devices.Div X Player also features Div X to Go as an additional panel on the right side of the interface with four buttons targeting consumer electronic devices.Brain-Trainer Resources has downloadable files and links for neurofeedback brain training resources, information and discussion.7-Zip File Extractor for 32 Bit Extract rar, 7z and other files FREE 7-Zip for 64 Bit Whole-Brain Training Plan (1.3 MB) Brain-trainer System – TQ7/Whole-Brain Training (285 KB) Designs List_Brain-Trainer (2.51 MB) TQ7 Complete Guide to gathering and processing Assessments (2.71 MB) TQ7 Guia Completo – Portugues (2.71 MB) TQ7 Guía Completa – Español (2.71 MB) TQ7 Guida Completa – Italiano (2.71 MB) Trainer’s Q – Brain Pattern Findings (719 KB) Sample Assesssment 1 Sample Assesssment 2 Starting with Brain Training – Steps for installing software, what to do, what to read TQ7 Self-Assess files Task recordings and reading material for doing assessments on oneself (4.47 MB) TQ7 Assessment, the Trainer’s Q, for Bio Explorer – Download free version (4.26 MB) TQ7 Assessment, the Trainer’s Q, for Infiniti – Download free version (1.2 MB) COMPUTER SPECIFICATIONS FOR BIOEXPLORER Answers– Neurofeedback discussion archives Troubleshooting Software and hardware issues Update information: Designs Update information: LIFE Game Update information: TQ7 Trainer’s Q Video: Setting up two monitors Current version of Bio Explorer DScaler MPEG decoder filters — 64 bit (665 KB) DScaler MPEG decoder filters — 32 bit (677 KB) Div X codec pack (976 KB) (If DVD does not work in Windows 8) Go To Meeting Codec (If DVD does not work in Windows 8) Compatibility mode for Windows 7 Windows 8 users can use Compatibility mode for Windows 7 to play DVDs in Bio Explorer MIDI synthesizer option Some users have no MIDI sounds and find Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth is missing.This effort resulted first in the release of the "Open Div X" codec and source code on 15 January 2001.

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