Updating hardy

Case in point what i will do now is take those files of gusty and put them on DVD then zero that partition and then use partimage to save the mirror image of 8.04 upgrade to 8.10. Tip: always use partimage off the live cd never never use it while running linux at the same time.This ( is a site entirely dedicated to the for Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Debian, Open Suse, Fedora.I use to have a little partition for fresh installs for testing before definitive installation.

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Updating hardy

This download will take about 6 minutes with your connection.

Like an extremely intelligent friend once said with an amused shrug: "really smart people don't talk about how inferior others might seem." I tried this on my old Compaq Presario 1700 laptop and it worked fine. Took about 5 hours over a slow wireless link although some of that was waiting for me to come back and tell it to continue and it even fixed a few minor issues I was having with Hardy I've always upgraded my five Ubuntu machines using the upgrader and never once had a problem.

I was running 8.04 and upgraded through the normal prcedure. seriously DO NOT just go ahead and do a fully automated "let me take care of everything for you" Mac/Windows style upgrade!

look at EVERY single package being affected and YOU make the decision if you want to upgrade it, toss it, or keep it - by default, Intrepid wants to remove your KDM, Adept, Kcontrol (which is part of KDE so..

I have a Hardy 8.04 VM for a class that I am taking.

It's purposely out of date because it's one of two insecure VMs that we need to secure.

The people who do have problems are usually those who enable all sorts of oddball repositories and install unsupported hacks like Automatix.

It's disingenuous to tell people that the only way to upgrade Ubuntu is by wiping their hard drive and starting over from scratch, Windows-style.

I've seen far too many people in the irc channel having problems with the recommended upgrade methods. So I think the next time I upgrade, I'm just going to do a fresh install.

Upgrading within the current instalation is easier and faster but I´m not sure it´s the more reliable way of doing it.

On the site you will find the text version and the debian version.


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