Updating multiple rows without cursor

emp_last_name); END; / CREATE TABLE employees_temp AS SELECT first_name, last_name FROM employees; DECLARE x VARCHAR2(20) := 'my_first_name'; y VARCHAR2(25) := 'my_last_name'; BEGIN INSERT INTO employees_temp VALUES(x, y); UPDATE employees_temp SET last_name = x WHERE first_name = y; DELETE FROM employees_temp WHERE first_name = x; COMMIT; END; / statement that is explained in "Using the EXECUTE IMMEDIATE Statement in PL/SQL".

That allows us to perform operations on every record on a one-by-one basis.

The DECLARE statement declares a cursor and associates it with a SELECT statement that retrieves the rows to be traversed by the cursor.

Cursor declarations must appear after variable and condition declarations but before handler declarations.

Also keep in mind that the cursor SELECT statement cannot have an INTO clause; it's strictly read-only.

The two that relate to cursors are: NOT FOUND is shorthand for a class of SQLSTATE values that begin with '02'.

It fires when a cursor reaches the end of a data set.

Oracle is transaction oriented; that is, Oracle uses transactions to ensure data integrity.

A transaction is a series of SQL data manipulation statements that does a logical unit of work.

As promised in the My SQL Cursors and Loops article, this article explores the use of cursors and their role in stored procedure programming.

A cursor is a special kind of loop for traversing through an SQL resultset one row at a time.

As with all database tools, you must carefully consider how cursors meet the needs of your users and determine whether using them within a procedure or function will provide the best solution to the problem you are attempting to solve.


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