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Sometimes 'BIOS' and 'BIOS image' are interchangeable (like when you're talking about the file, that's really a BIOS image) and sometimes BIOS is used to mean other things, like the setup screens that are shown when you boot up your computer and go into the setup. [G47] I assumed that by "sub file name" they meant either a directory name (a path) or the file extension (like .bin). [G53] This warning seems like overkill since there shouldn't be any way to damage things from here (other than possibly overwriting a file on the attached drive). In response I got a progress bar showing that EZ-Flash was "Backuping ROM".

I fix them - that's how Late Night PC Service got started after all.

Thinking back, my old desktop did have an issue when DDR2 RAM first came out (under Windows 98 back then) so my solution was to just put in twice as much DDR :) .

When it was done backuping I picked 0504from the list and pressed Enter again.

EZ-Flash then erases the existing BIOS on the motherboard. [G62] These steps take a little while because flash memory needs to be erased before it can be written and both erasing and writing flash take significantly longer than reading it.

I had seen a reference to EZ-FLASH in the BIOS settings and the manual, so I decided to investigate that method.

I don't generally put up with long-term stability issues with my computers.I mentioned the other day that I had a couple lockups with my new system (an AMD 64 X2 4200 with the Asus M2NPV-VM motherboard).Since I didn't see the setting I thought might fix a problem that X reports with the video aperture size, I decided to try updating my BIOS.Either I'm good at building systems and choosing the right parts or I just usually buy hardware that's old enough for the kinks to be worked out.Which ever one it is, I'm not afraid to upgrade my BIOS, I just don't want to unless I think there might be a benefit.I don't have good proof to think this will solve my problem but I do see they fixed a couple problems related to RAM.


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