Maine adult sex chat - Updating my blackberry software

For those who are familiar with the software upgrade process on Android, you already know what to do.

But for those who've made the switch from Black Berry 10 to the Priv, the procedure is understandably new. Once your device finds the update, you'll be asked to download the 463.6 MB update by tapping on the Download button.

Tap any browser on the left to learn more about them.

You can either continue using your device until the download finishes, or leave it on this screen.

Should you want to monitor the downloads progress, you'll need to keep your eye on the yellow progress bar that sits just beneath the blue section with the text "Update your Priv to the latest software today..." After the download is finished, tap on Restart & Install.

Go for a walk, play some games or find something to distract you for a while during installation.

The entire process took around 45 minutes on my Priv. In addition to updating the Priv's software, Black Berry also announced it will release updates to the Camera, Keyboard, Hub & Contacts, and DTEK apps through the Play Store on Dec.

We recommend updating your phone to a newer version of Black Berry OS that will give you access to these Whats App features: To update your Black Berry, download the Black Berry desktop software, connect your phone to your computer, click device on the top left corner and click update.

For instructions on how to update your phone using a computer, please visit this link.

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A few seconds later your Priv will restart and the installation will begin.


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