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Notepad is a full-featured source code editor and Notepad replacement with syntax highlighting and syntax folding support and the ability to open multiple documents at once. Fluent Notepad is a Notepad replacement that contains the Ribbon UI.

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If you want to save space you can remove the language files for other languages than your own. English, German, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Polish, Russian and Ukrainian.

None of the files that come from Virtual Box are modified or otherwise changed.

Why not take our favorite programs with us as well so we can work on any computer?

We have collected links to many useful portable programs you can easily install on a USB flash drive and create a portable version of your desktop PC.

When Portable-Virtual Box starts, it checks to see if the drivers are installed.

If they are not it will install them before running Virtual Box and will remove them afterward.

Portable-Virtual Box makes default settings automatically. You can modify them by pressing CTRL-5 or opening the tray menu while Portable-Virtual Box is running.

Either action will bring up the configuration GUI below.

Tree Pad Lite is a free personal information manager for Windows that allows you to store, edit, and search textual data, such as notes, emails, links, phone numbers, addresses, text copied from websites, etc.


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