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The Visual Studio application actually uses the Report Viewer control for processing a report. Net Report Viewer control actually comes in two flavors; one of the controls is used for Windows Forms applications while the second control focuses on Web Forms.For this particular tip we will focus on the Windows Forms control.

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For this particular tip, we are going to focus on using the remote processing mode for a windows form.

To get started with our example, we first need to setup our various tools.

January 15, 2014 at pm | Posted in Administration, Configuration, Customisation, Functionality, Information, Issue, Reporting | 1 Comment Tags: Project Server 2013, PS2013, Share Point 2013, SP2013, SQL, SSRS This post covers an the details around an issue I came across the other day and I wanted to make you aware to help in your deployments / system design.

The issue is with displaying SSRS Native mode reports on a Share Point 2013 page using a page viewer web part when using IE 10 or later.

Local processing mode renders the report all within the local machine / application and can be used when SSRS is not installed.

However, with local processing, not all the SSRS functionality is available, and, as such, reports can only render a report in PDF, Excel, Word, or Image formats.

Can I run a SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) report from Windows applications? SSRS functionality is certainly available in a Windows application; Visual Studio .

Net is actually the key component needed to develop a fully functioning report application.

We will assume that you have installed and initialized the SSRS instance and it is up and running.


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