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The 1965 Tramway Gas Station building designed by Albert Frey now serves as the Palm Springs Visitor Center.

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Thanks to preservation efforts all seven still remain.

Here's a shot of the Kaufmann Desert House designed by Richard Neutra in 1946.

Marci & Austin of Sputnik Housewares for making the trip down from Portland..if we could only convince you to come along on every road trip!

Bob Bogard of the Palm Springs Art Museum for sharing his enthusiasm for the museum's architecture..for looking so great in our Pixieland t-shirt.

We're back from attending the California Preservation Foundation annual conference in Palm Springs and wanted to share a sample of the things we saw while we were in town.

After a few days without internet access let's get right to it!We couldn't have felt more welcome as first time exhibitors. William (Bill) Krisel for spending 45 minutes talking with us about everything from video games to front porches.A special thanks to Michele for encouraging our idea for a preservation-themed road trip to Palm Springs. Gary Johns and Kip Serafin of the Palm Springs Preservation Foundation.The map provides locations for 75 of the best examples of mid-century architecture, both residential and commercial, in Palm Springs.Driving through one of the neighborhoods on the map we were stopped in our tracks by this colorful cluster of metal statues.The home became well known in 1947 with the publication of photos by photographer Julius Shulman.


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