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Before the price can be displayed, the stock-retrieval application must identify and return the price.While the movie is waiting, it displays a "Loading" message.Data moves from Flash to the server either on the end of a URL (using GET) or in a stream of variable names and values (using POST).

application developers should note that their application must set the MIME type of the result to "application/x-www-urlform-encoded".

If that MIME type is missing, the result will likely be unusable when it reaches Flash.

Often, this distinction is implicit -- the client always has to make an HTTP request in order to send data to the data-handling application, so it naturally follows that a web server is involved.

In Flash form development, however, we must remain aware of the invisible handoff between the web server and the data-handling application.

Flash data to the server-side application that will process the data, typically a middleware database (e.g., Allaire's Cold Fusion or Microsoft's ASP) or a CGI script (e.g., a Perl or PHP script or a Java servlet).

In describing the web client/server data cycle, we make a point of distinguishing between the web server and a data-handling application.

Usually data processing involves saving content to a database or flat text file for future retrieval.

Once data processing is complete, the data-handling application produces a result to pass back to Flash.

In order to isolate client/server problems when working with Flash, it's useful to monitor the web server's HTTP error log while attempting to run scripts.

You may find that the web server is trying to tell you something that Flash can't express.

Once that data has been received, the Flash form cycle is complete, and we're free to do whatever we like with our precious, well-traveled bytes of content.


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