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If you are not using legacy (plist-only) kexts but modded ones that overlap Apple's originals present in /System/Library/Extensions (for instance, a full modded Apple Intel or with a binary instead of just Legacy Apple PIIXATA.kext) I think you also need to increase the version properties in each info.plist so the ones in /Extra/Extensions get favored over the ones in /System/Library/Extensions on the loading queue.

You can also include a modded file, I think it goes in Extra too but I havent tested (if you use one you should not even need to include a disabler kext for Apple Intel CPUPower Management). I think thats all, Chameleon its too new so if I've missed something please correct me.

With this you can restart the computer, configure your BIOS accordingly and boot from the USB drive.

You should see Chameleon menu and it should select the boot device by default.

Just press Enter or better press Arrow Down to make the Options menu appear and select the option to boot in verbose mode to see whats going on if something goes wrong. thanks Vanilla means original Apple kernel, it only runs on same kind of CPUs as real Apple machines (anything Intel Core I think); voodoo is the modified kernel to run on any processor.

Click on the Apply button and wait while the whole USB drive is repartitioned into a single MBR partition with HFS format. Select the USB Drive on the left and click on the Restore tab.

You have to select the Mac OS X Install DVD as the source and the Mac OS X Install USB as the Destination, dragging them from the list of units on the left to the corresponding field on the right (or by selecting each of them as Source or Destination in their respective context menu).

Remember that you wont be able to install into a MBR partition by default, you would need to mod the on the DVD for that. If all goes well the installation will complete in about 10 minutes (depending on what options you choose) but it will complain at the end that it failed because it couldnt make the destination volume bootable. Installed Chameleon and added the Apple Decrypt and the Intel CPUPMDisabler kexts. im unclear concerning this matter...clarification will help. Apple software RAID is supported, there are many guides on the matter.

You should have Mac OS X installed on the destination drive/partition but you are not able to boot from it on its own. "vanilla" "voodoo" can you please explain the method I would go with? I was able to boot to the first installation screen (the one that asks to select your installation language) only to realise that I didn't have any mouse or keyboard. I'm not sure what you mean, you have to customize the USB Drive Installer to make it work on your hardware, if you include the necessary kexts (and voodoo kernel if needed) you should be able to boot the USB Drive installer on any computer.

Basically you have to extract the contents of the file with a XAR compressor command, edit the (text file) named Distribution contained inside changing directive that says erase Option Available='true' into erase Option Available='false'..

Keep in mind that there is already a xar command in Mac OS X but its not v1.5.2, make sure you are using the right version you have installed (find them all with "which -a xar" and find the version of each with "/full/path/xar --version" and use the full path to the right version when performing the decompression and compression).

The Volume Format should be Mac OS Extended Journaled but its selected by default.


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