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The development of modern vehicles with extremely complex powertrain concepts puts high requirements on new development and validation methods with the associated tools.

In order to save costs and reduce development times, road tests are increasingly being transferred to vehicle testbeds and replaced by simulation.

AVL supports its customers in all the phases of the product life cycle to develop a product that will fully satisfy their customers and also end user. AVL supports the life cylce of the product beginning with: Marketstudies and Benchmarks - those lead to the Specification of the Concept Studies and ...

Durable and reliable batteries are required to satisfy rapidly evolving needs and expectations.

Controls are a key characteristic to differentiate the behavior of the powertrain in regards to vehicle performance, emissions, robustness of diagnostic and brand style (Brand DNA).

On the basis of the dynamics within emissions legislation and due to changing customer preferences, topics such as the need to increase efficiency and develop new powertrain concepts are increasingly important.

The challenge of reducing time and costs along the product development cycle causes a growing demand to replace physical prototypes with virtual prototypes applying frontloading.

The challenge is to meet the latest requirements for state-of-the-art and future-oriented R & D tasks such as tests on Hybrid and electric vehicles, as well as all requirements related to frontloading: from the road to the testbed and ultimately to the simulation.

The development of modern vehicles with extremely complex powertrain concepts puts high requirements on a system which masters complexity and simplifies usability at the same time.Unique synergies with AVL Instrumentation and Test Systems and AVL Advanced Simulation Technologies enable the development of highly creative, mature and application-specific solutions for our customers in order that they meet their futu ...The need for CO₂ reduction, the increasing complexity of new powertrain systems, and a requirement to achieve the highest possible level of process efficiency - along with the need to quickly launch new models - are some of the key challenges facing the automotive industry now and for the foreseeable future.Well-known manufacturers trust in AVL's individual, independent and highly innovative transmission solutions.Efficient testing and simulation tools, combined with extensive engineering experience and skills drive our advanced solutions.AVL can deliver independent and modular powertrain software control solutions from prototype through to production to meet individual customer demands.


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