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If you ever search MSDN for the topic, you'll find most of the articles discuss hard-coded validation—but maintaining hand-written, custom code for each element that requires validation is a maintenance nightmare.

Furthermore, it's unnatural to conceptualize the steps of validation as of the data to be validated.

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This enables you to determine validation status in server code and provides security against users bypassing client-side validation.

property the same way on both the client and the server.

Initial Solution: The Error Provider Component To begin, you need to be aware of the handy Microsoft component called Error Provider (see the MSDN article "Error Provider Component Overview").

Dragging an Error Provider onto the visual designer (or instantiating it in code) gives you the basic component required to display validation messages.

Validation controls run a client-side script this makes them efficient because a network trip to the server is not necessary to validate data the client-side script is generated automatically at runtime.

If the user is working with a browser that supports dynamic HTML (DHTML), ASP.

Under most circumstances, you do not have to make any changes to your page or to the validation controls to use client-side validation.

The controls automatically detect if the browser supports DHTML and perform their checking accordingly.

nput validation is something that every program needs, and every programmer dreads.

Most developers craft hard-coded program logic to verify that a phone number consists of 7 or 10 digits; that an IP address consists of 4 octets; that a country name matches 1 of 193 choices, etc. NET 2.0 provides some support for streamlining input validation, it barely scratches the surface of automating and simplifying the input validation process.

However, you might find it necessary to enable the user to post even with errors.

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