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I had found a comfortable way out.” ― Piero Ferrucci, tags: compassion, endurance, external, friends, friendship, happiness, hardship, heaviness, help, hope, inspirational, internal-validation, joy, life, life-lessons, love, loyalty, motivational, persistence, personal-development, poetry, presence, sad, self-love, teaching, unconditional, validation, wisdom “Discover a deep, healthy love for yourself....

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Goodrich, “Some time ago, my son Emilio was going back to school after vacation.

He did not like the idea at all and was filled with anxiety.

Goodrich, tags: acceptance, believe-in-yourself, eating-disorder-recovery, feelings, focus-on-positive, love-yourself, mantra, mental-health, mindfulness, no-judgment, one-step-at-a-time, positive-quotes, positive-thinking, present-moments, recovery, repeat, self-help, self-improvement, self-love, thoughts, validation, you-are-enough, you-are-important “She ran straight into Leo’s open arms, unable to stop the tears from falling, feeling at last defended, like a single musical note that had finally found the symphony to which it belonged.” ― Natasha Lester, “At the core of love is validation. For when love is given away, validation seeps in and expands in the heart of the recipient, filling up every empty, dark corner.

It is a wonderful, light, consuming feeling we long for, and once found, we hope—even expect—it will forever remain.

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Acknowledging that the internal experience exists and is understandable comes before self-kindness.

Understanding Validation Validation is a simple concept to understand but difficult to put into practice.

But there are times when that most precious love is revoked, and a hard scab forms over the empty hole.

Though this scab is both healing and protective, it is the reason why validation from future love may not seep in so easily, no matter how wanting the heart.” ― Richelle E.

Communicating when overwhelmed with emotion does not usually work well.


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