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The language today is endangered, and there are very few speakers that are living. An adhesion to Treaty 4 was signed by Chief Piapot on September 9, 1875.

He was originally seeking a reserve in the Cypress Hills region, but settled on reserve land bordering Carry the Kettle reserve in August 1883.

The early Jesuits mention the Assiniboine as a strong and hardy people living in the forest band lake regions around Lake Winnipeg as early as 1640.

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An early frost in August 1893 froze their first potato crop and the well that men from Wolseley had been hired to dig was abandoned because there was no sign of water.

Furthermore, on October 31, 1893, a prairie fire swept across Montmartre.

They named their new settlement "Montmartre" after their home in Montmartre, France.

Gigot and Hayman's promoting Montmartre was successful as they described it as a place with excellent farmland, woods, lakes, rivers and abundant game.

Although no lives, buildings or animals were lost, the fire took most of their belongings and the feed for their animals.

Later that year, Louis Fombeur died from pneumonia during his quest for straw for his cattle, marking the first death in Montmartre.Around the 1820s the settles and indigenous hunters began killing bison for trade in more vast numbers, with the introduction of guns and horseback transportation.By the late 1870s, the buffalo were extinct and their hunting depleted. It was derived from other Sioux dialects at the same time as other Sioux languages were being diverged and differentiated from each other.Malnutrition and disease also factored into the deaths.They abandoned the reservation land and were permitted to break the treaty and select a new one 29 km north and 11 km east of Regina in September 1884, where Piapot Cree First Nation is today.The first family living in Montmartre was that of Auguste M. de Trémaudan (the only family who was brought by the Foncier Society) who brought his wife Jeanne Marie and children (Noémie, Auguste H., Aline, Desiré and Jeanne) from France. Berneau, who brought his wife, 18-year-old son and baby boy (who later died after their arrival in Canada).

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