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I couldn't risk anyone else having the same reaction.

-- fiancé Dave Navarro (Jane's Addiction, Red Hot Chili Peppers) on when he first saw her.

She had on this white fur coat, her hair down, and her eyes pierced my heart from 20 feet away.

Fortunately I find her first and get her to come over and then dress up like a doll! Kiara_is_a_Perverted_Persian_Princess_with_MH_The_End.mp4 Teenie Kelly skipped school today and went to the park wearing fuckwear and her sister’s high heels.

I pick her up in my Slade and screw her senseless before blowing my ball batter all over her fucked-up face!

Then I ram my rod down her throat as making her face a mess!

I fuck her in every possible position, and the shoot my sperm down her throat!

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Layla_Rivera_and_MH_in_Max_Faktor_09.mp4 Krissy came out to Kalifornia to get into the movies because she loves to dress up cute and be in the movies. Krissy_Gets_Klobbered_By_MH_In_Her_Very_First_Scene.mp4 Kiara is mommy’s Persian Princess who I invite her over for a party and she goes completely fucking nuts as I turn her into one of the most perverted fuckdolls I ever had the pleasure of penetrating!

Normally that’s just posing pretty for the camera, but when I get her over, I ram my rod down her throat and up her tiny asshole before blasting her face with goo!

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