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The brick faade facing the square and the canal is early Venetian Renaissance and influenced by the work of Codussi.

The faade is by Sebastiano Mariano di Lugano, as are the statues, probably.

Another story says that from San Zaccaria, whom she had befriended, could visit and worship.

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The first written record dates from 1193, the year in which the church was rebuilt and reconsecrated following the fire.

The current church was built in 1618-1639 to designs by Francesco Contino, with further work in 16.

The third altar on the right is the only one decorated up into the dome above, with a sparkling fresco depicting Two angels in flight by Sebastiano Ricci.

The fourth altar, the Altare dei Compra Vendi Pesce, has a Presentation by Tintoretto.

Behind the altar is a copy of the central part of Titan's famous Assumption from the Frari, made by a painter called Tagliapietra in 1856.

Hanging above the altar is a painted wooden crucifix said to be by Paolo Veneziano.

The faade, facing onto a narrow canal, was rebuilt in 1735, with its statue group of Tobias, Raphael, the dog and the fish (see below left) dating from this time too, and said to be by Sebastiano Mariani The restoration of the faade in 2004 left it looking like new but lacking, some complained, that certain crumbling charm that it possessed before (see above right).

But the pristine look didn't last, of course, this being Venice.

66m (217 ft) electromechanical bells The 1290 original is visible on Barbari map.

It was damaged by earthquakes in 1347, 14, demolished in 1511 and rebuilt taller in 1520.

The statues are, from the top, the redeemer, the annunciation and the prophets The form of the interior dates from the original 14th Century Gothic building, but most of the decoration is later. There are twelve columns down each side, with gilded statues in each of the spandrels, much gilding of the arches, and a frieze of of paintings by late-17th and early-18th century painters you won't have heard of.


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