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She is often called “regal”—whether in —but her bearing is less royal than military: brisk, often stone-faced (even when making jokes), mordant.

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January afternoon at the University of South Carolina’s Children’s Center, in Columbia, Michelle Obama scrunched her five-eleven frame into a small white wooden rocking chair. “The bear will tromp through the forest on his big hungry feet and”—sniff, sniff, sniff—“find that strawberry, no matter where it’s hidden.”The kids burst into giggles. She is unquestionably accomplished, but she is not a repressed intellectual, in the mode of Teresa Heinz Kerry.

The state’s Democratic primary, which her husband, Barack, needed badly to win, was in forty-eight hours. Obama picked up another book, from the “Olivia” series.“I have Olivia in my four-year-old class! More than anything, she seems to enjoy talking about her husband and her daughters (Malia, nine, and Sasha, six).

“Please don’t get all Botoxed and start acting like some sort of Stepford wife. ” the post went on, remarking approvingly on what it termed the “ ‘bitch, please’ look” that Obama had seemed unable to suppress in the wake of a comment by Ann Romney.

It’s not that Obama doesn’t know the anodyne, wifely things to say (essentially, nothing).

Of the Iowa State Fair’s corn dogs and candied apples, obligingly gushed over by hopeful First Ladies every four years: “Stuff on a stick.” Here’s Obama, talking to me in her motorcade halfway between Sheboygan, Wisconsin, and Green Bay about Obama Girl, the young woman who professed her crush on Obama’s husband all over the Internet: “That was a little weird, because, you know . And one day Sasha comes home and she’s, like, ‘Daddy has a girlfriend.

It’s you, Mommy.’ And it’s, like, ‘Oh, shhhhhhhhh—yeah.’ ” Curse word averted, barely.

Cindy Moelis recalls commissioning a cookie bouquet with icing in the pattern of the Obama campaign’s logo and presenting it to Michelle, who replied, “Oh, great.

More sugar for the kids.” Obama’s dismissiveness is not that of the spoiled princess, as her detractors have suggested, but that of the wary striver: why get used to things being good if they could fall apart at any moment?

“Maybe we have a special guest who will read to us.”She got up from the rocking chair and walked over to a set of French doors. ” the kids shouted as Obama threw open the doors to welcome an enormous red rooster, dressed in a U. Obama, who graduated from Princeton, earned a law degree from Harvard, and became, first, a corporate lawyer and, more recently, the vice-president for community and external affairs at the University of Chicago Hospitals, spent all but the first year of her childhood in a four-room bungalow on Chicago’s South Side.

Her winningly chipmunk-cheeked smile is doled out sparingly, a privilege to be earned, rather than an icebreaker or an entreaty.

If I’d only met her fifteen years ago, I bet we would be best friends.’ ” “Can Michelle Obama Be First Lady No Matter What?


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