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The album is available as high quality mp3 downloads.

On 7 April 2015 Des Barres released a solo, full-length album "The Key to the Universe".

In 2011, he formed The Michael Des Barres Band which includes Jebin Bruni, David Goodstein, Paul Ill, and Eric Schermerhorn and released a new album entitled Carnaby Street, in June 2012.

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He first started acting at 8 years old as 'The Nux Bar Kid' on posters all over England.

He appeared (uncredited) in the 1966 film starring Tony Curtis, "Drop Dead Darling".

The lineup, despite being broken up by the school's agent Hazel Malone, all went on to do greater things individually.

Des Barres then formed Silverhead in England in 1972.

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In 1983, he wrote and recorded the song "Obsession" together with Holly Knight, which later became a No.6 Billboard Top 40 hit when covered by Animotion in 1985.

Des Barres met the members of Duran Duran when Chequered Past opened for a few shows during their 1984 tour.

They recorded two albums and toured the US, Europe, and Japan, before disbanding in 1974.


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