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I was just wondering, I know the relationship between Erin Crocker and Ray Evernham is beyond professional, but I was just wondering if anyone knew if Ray or Erin had said anything publicly about their relationship, because they let everyone know they were a couple at the Texas race, So I was just wondering if...

"I don't think it's any secret that because of the personal relationship between Erin and I it hurt her career," Evernham said on Friday at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

He has created enough money to spend over the next few generations.

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Ray collaborated with Chrysler, he was supposed to build a team from start to finish that will be able to enter NASCAR again, which he did in less than 500 days, Evernham Motorsports became a reality then.

Evernham Motorsports blazed a new trail in performance by creating an environment where technology and racing were co-dependent.

Evernham, who turns 50 in August, began dating the 26-year-old Crocker last season.

The relationship became a point of contention with driver Jeremy Mayfield, who after being released from Evernham Motorsports alleged in a 2006 lawsuit that his boss was an absentee manager largely because of his "close personal relationship with a female driver he engages to drive on NASCAR's ARCA, Truck and Busch Series.""That relationship became a subject of considerable discussion and distraction in the Nextel Cup garage area during the 2006 season," the court document said.

"The proper thing to do and something her and I would like to do is move her to another race team."I think the girl has a lot of talent.

But if I sit here and say to somebody, 'Look, she's got a lot of talent, you should sponsor her,' my credibility is not good because of the personal relationship," he said.

His determinism and devotion in motorsports has paved the way for him in both the racing and technology industries.

He worked on bringing the IROC series back to life, this gave him the chance to work with the world’s best racers.

This taught him the value of success and a lot of lessons in racing business.

Ten years later, Ray was offered the opportunity to team with, up and coming driver, Jeff Gordon of Hendrick Motorsports as a crew chief. During that time with Hendrick, he made a record of 47 wins in NASCAR including 2 Daytonas and 3 championships.

In 2000, team was facing a new challenge, even for him, that was big, he had to be the owner of a team.

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