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Honors for the three-time Emmy winner include the Matrix Award and the Jack Anderson Award.

(END VIDEO CLIP) COSBY: A husband rushes home after a frantic call that his wife`s being assaulted by an intruder, the husband caught on video beating her attacker to death with a tire iron. YIHYUN JEONG, "ARIZONA REPUBLIC": Well, she went missing April 19th on a Tuesday night. Her husband is downstairs outside the apartment building. So this was a very, obviously, brutal beating, but it didn`t take much to really fracture his skull at all. Redcross, there were some reports that the guy, we saw, Noam was saying that the guy kicked the husband. It looks to me from the video like he was trying to run away, like he was trying to get in the elevator ...

Some say he`s a hero as he leaves the courthouse to cheers, but will the husband who saves his own wife`s life end up behind bars? She left her family`s home about (INAUDIBLE) she told her parents she was going to Chandler, which is a city nearby, to meet up with a friend, but turns out she went to Phoenix to meet up with a man named Lashawn Johnson. Diallo, she opened the door thinking it might be somebody else on the other side and ended up being this attacker. He`s a livery cab driver and he`s trying to park his car, his cab. First of all, the husband comes up, I can`t even imagine, the wife is saying the guy has his pants down, he`s saying he`s going to rape me, runs upstairs and then sees this guy I the hallway, but there`s evidence, too, that this guy was actually, like, pulling his belt even though his pants are down, as you can see, and was trying to whip the husband too after kicking him. Cheryl, this guy is just hanging out in the hallway. He`s sitting there with his pants down for God`s sakes and he`s just hanging out in the hallway waiting for the elevator? ARUTT: Literally caught with his pants down and walking to the elevator as if nothing happened. When somebody is unflappable, when they`re caught red-handed and they have absolutely no sense of shame or guilt or not upset by what`s just happened, that`s a sociopathic reaction.

Her second book, QUIET HERO, is enjoying tremendous success, already hitting several bestseller lists which include: The New York Times, The Washington Post and USA Today.

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SCHALOW: From text messages that were retrieved from a previous phone that she had. But you know, sometimes, she wouldn`t come home, and like, as a 24-year-old woman, I didn`t question every single move. And that`s when I started worrying because she said, you know, See you tomorrow after work, and I promise, and I love you. And when was sort of the first sign when she hadn`t shown up? Tell us about that, Matt, because that just happened to be there, too, right? So a search warrant was executed at Johnson`s apartment. [] (COMMERCIAL BREAK) (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: ... UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The person has a very distinct walk. (END VIDEO CLIP) COSBY: And this is Rita Cosby, in for Nancy Grace. They tell me whoever took Diana may have been planning to set their home on fire. Family says she went to bed, they noticed her asleep when they went to check on her around a.m., she was in her bed in her bedroom all by herself. LAZAR: Well, let`s get to that question first, because we spoke to a lot of neighbors out there who say Diana is a very well-behaved girl, she was always supervised. There is one close by in that -- on her street, actually, just a few doors down, and that person has been convicted of a sex act with a child.

COSBY: And now, she sent you this message we were just hearing that said, I love you, Mom. SCHALOW: She was working in a medical office in Phoenix city, in the city of Phoenix, called Allatooki (ph) area. Cops found substantial biological evidence consistent with foul play. and he happens to be -- there`s a lot of pieces here, Mindy. There`s cataloging that evidence, chain of custody. A 9-year-old Florida girl goes missing from her own bedroom. (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Diana went to bed around Saturday night and in the morning, missing. (END VIDEO CLIP) COSBY: And let`s go straight to Corey Lazar, reporter with WINK-T. The family says when they got up to get ready for church around a.m., they noticed that Diana was not in her bed and her blanket was missing. She had many friends down the street and they don`t believe she would just walk out that home and wander off.

COSBY: Now, Matt Zarell, NANCY GRACE producer, how do we know that she went to meet with this guy? You`re right, he had gone door to door beforehand in some places, asking people for a cup of water. COSBY: Michael Christian, Nancy grace producer, this is just horrific when you hear Noam saying, no, I don`t want any money, I want to rape you. MICHAEL CHRISTIAN, NANCY GRACE PRODUCER: He apparently locks the door, Rita. He rips off her clothes or at least part of her clothes. Can you tell what kind of altercation between the two, like if there was defensive on both? And I think all of us can certainly understand Diallo`s feelings about wanting to beat the rapist to death. But let me go to Michael Christian because a lot of people are looking at this guy saying, bravo. It goes back almost 20 years, almost 20 charges, and apparently at one point, he pled guilty to imprisoning a 17-year-old woman, raping her, beating her, stabbing her. [] (COMMERCIAL BREAK) (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: A livid husband rushing home on the hunt for this guy who police say tried to rape his wife in their own apartment.

MATT ZARRELL, NANCY GRACE PRODUCER (via telephone): Well, we know from phone records because police records show that Angela had been texting with Johnson in the hours leading up to her disappearance and that they had arranged to meet that night. BEN LEVITAN, TELECOMMUNICATIONS EXPERT (via telephone): Rita, every time you use your cell phone to send a text, receive a text, the phone company keeps a record of your general location. MATTESON: That`s still under investigation right now. He takes off his pants and he attacks these two women. [] REDCROSS: Well, you know, it doesn`t really look so much defensive. Unfortunately, I think that this made one tragic situation into two, because now they have this enormous legal situation, and as long as that goes on, whatever trauma or PTSD that he and his wife and their family are suffering, is going to get extended by the triggers that extend out by having to go through the litigation and the potential for something happening to him at this point. I mean, this guy -- what kind of record does he have? Beating the intruder with a tire iron in the hallway, hitting him so hard police thinks he died from his injuries.

RITA COSBY, GUEST HOST: Breaking news tonight, a 24-year-old Arizona woman thinks she meets a dream man on line. COSBY: Mindy Smith, I don`t know if you`re married or not, but if your husband happened to find somebody who is doing this to you, don`t you think he`d want to beat them senseless?

Then she`s reported missing without a trace until cell phone evidence leads police to a shallow grave and the body of 24-year-old Angela Russo. Ken Redcross, Board- Certified Internal Medicine doctor, you can tell sort of what kind of wounds based on both of them. COSBY: So it`s good news that she got away, you know, that she`s OK?

SCHALOW: Yes, she had gone out on a few dates and would come home and said, No, that one didn`t work out, or just, you know, Next, you know, trying to find Mr. And as I`ve said before, she just made a wrong turn and definitely found Mr. COSBY: How did you find out that there was a connection to this individual? SLATEN: So he has a logical and reasonable explanation of that, that he was assisting a friend in landscaping. COSBY: Assisting a friend in -- all right, so what, a cactus needs some landscaping? But -- but Rita, the point is, he`s got a reasonable explanation, and police officers, when they really want to get a confession... There needs something more than just a freebie of throwing yourself out there and seeing who picks you up. Either a neighbor or someone else or if somehow Diana had been lured outside for a pre-arranged meeting, which totally sounds out of character for her.

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