Who is sam claflin dating

It goes back to the point of it still being a very male-driven world."Claflin's wife, the actress Laura Haddock, is a year older than him – hardly the dramatic age gap he's referring to – but he remembers pining over an older woman in his younger years."When I was a teenage boy, well, I mean every teenage boy has had a fantasy about a female teacher at some point," he says.

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He was born on 27 June 1986, in Ipswich, Suffolk, England.

Currently, Sam is living in Chiswick, London and who holds British Citizenship and falls under English nationality background.

During the early time while Sam was playing football he broke his ankle and he was badly injured.

This made him ignore football as his professional passion and he shifted himself into acting as a professional segment.

Sam weight is 83kg and his chest, bi-shapes, and body seem managed due to his regular visit in the fitness center.

His current story of salary is also worthwhile and wealthy.

Sam is maintaining his career and responsibility of father which he is newly introduced.

Sam is a very good cook and he cooks for his family in the free time.

It should be equal; I wish I had an answer.", in which his character falls for an older woman who may or may not have murdered his late guardian.

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