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As the website states, all “burgers are made from 100% grass-fed beef that is dry-aged and ground fresh.” “Our cows are raised on the sweet grasses of the southeast, and never fed antibiotics, hormones, or grain.” This is clean eating at its best.

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Morelli’s was named the 4th best ice cream shop in America by Bon Appétit Magazine in 2009. 2 is the veggie quinoa burger consisting of a meatless veggie patty that is comprised of mixed greens, marinated beets, balsamic onions and garlic aioli.

Freshly ground, scrumptious, gourmet burgers and fresh, homemade ice cream together under one roof – what could be better? The menu at Farm Burger was VERY impressive, offering MANY tasty options including build your own burger and signature burgers. I am not a vegetarian but I would love to try this burger. 4 is a chicken burger, topped with smoked Gouda, sherry-date BBQ sauce, kale coleslaw and crispy onions.

The décor had a Southwestern ranch vibe that projects such an energy that encourages feasting and drinking with good company.

Farm Burger is not just your run-of- the-mill burger joint.

If a menu has G2 (Gouda or goat cheese) it’s already off to a great start in my book.

On this particular afternoon, I invited fellow foodie, Stevie Baggs, Jr., to come have lunch with me.

Morelli’s was started by husband and wife power duo, Donald and Clarissa Morelli.

The ice cream is completely homemade and contains no chemicals and no preservatives allowing for many creamy, delicious flavors.

He is the only professional football player to play for twelve different teams within the National Football League and the Canadian Football League. What better way to finish this meal than with a handmade milkshake? I had a strawberry milkshake and Stevie had butter pecan shake. I was certainly stuffed and happy by the end of the night.

One of the first questions I asked was how does his diet change from season to off season. But I have a rule, whenever I visit a restaurant I make sure to try whatever the chef recommends. It was a beef patty topped with Gouda cheese, spicy mayo, and arugula. The service at both establishments was AMAZING; leaving me with a wonderful impression and making it to my must return list.

juicy burger *Favorite meal to cook: Parmesan Crusted Tilapia with sautéed spinach and sweet potatoes *Favorite Chef: Mom * Favorite cuisine: Soul Food Mr. wears many hats outside of his helmet for the Calgary Stampeders of the CFL – actor, public speaker and most importantly, philanthropist.

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