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Antwaun Cook -- the married man who was (and still might be) dating Fantasia Barrino -- collected a bunch of his belongings from his family home in North Carolina ... READ MORE Fantasia Barrino was spotted outside her North Carolina home yesterday -- alongside the married man who she allegedly had an "adulterous affair" with ...

Now, it seems the singer is in a good place with Cook and his wife“You only heard what you heard, you only got what you got.

While Barrino had a son named Dallas with Cook almost three years ago, the singer was reportedly being sued by his ex-wife, Paula Cook, for allegedly causing him to be unfaithful to the marriage.

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Following her victory, she released her debut single, “I Believe,” which debuted at number one on the Billboard Hot 100.

Subsequently, she released her debut album, Free Yourself, which went on to be certified Platinum by the RIAA and garnered Taylor three Grammy nominations in 2006.

So obviously, if I won that case, it never was what they said it was.”“I think about all the things he has told me and I’m Like Man!!!

Nothing but God….” the singer previously wrote on Instagram.

He works for a North Carolina courier firm as the COO.“I know @sosonya15 BOUT TO KILL me today for my Big Wedding Day on SATURDAY OMG!!! To those who texted, called, or prayed during this week and up until today… Barrino, the 30-year-old singer, made media headlines when she reportedly got into a relationship with Antwuan Cook while he was still legally married a few years ago.

Her new marriage with Taylor gives Barrino a new start. You guys I’m so happy and excited…”“How do we thank each and everyone who made Our Day one of the most unique and memorable days we will ever share,. ”Fantasia Barrino has thanked God for her relationship with her son’s Dallas Xavier, father Antwaun Cook and his wife after years of media scrutiny and issues that unfolded publicly.were still together when he started up with Fantasia.Like, Antwaun was still living in the same home as Paula, and Fantasia would call up and harass Paula when Antwaun wasn’t around.Reportedly, Fantasia would demand that Paula leave Antwaun and that she (Fanny) was the only one who could make Antwaun happy.So even if Antwaun began the affair with Fantasia under false pretenses, as the affair went on, Fantasia knew exactly what was going on.“You Can’t tell me God won’t take something Out of Nothing and Turn it into SOMETHING I Love This Man And He is Crazy about me.”Fantasia Barrino is an American R&B singer, songwriter, and actress.

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