Who was whitney houston currently dating who was whitney houston currently dating

He does look different from the way he did four years ago—he’s filled out and lost his trademark Gumby haircut.

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Eight hundred people attended the wedding (“Too many,” sighs Brown).“I was a nervous wreck,” says Houston, who cried during the ceremony, but she’s been ecstatic ever since. “My baby can On a scuzzy street in downtown Hollywood, Bobby Brown is out in front of his rehearsal studio, pitching quarters against a brick wall. He’s playing with three of his “guys” (he usually travels with a large group—anywhere from five on up), including Stylz, a sweet-faced kid who raps on “Humpin’ Around.” Joseph Bushfan, his bodyguard, is standing behind them, watching the street.

He’s stripped to the waist, and the top of his Calvin Klein black-and-white striped underwear is sticking out above an extremely baggy pair of ultra-blue jeans. Three guys from the neighborhood happen by and Brown happily lets them into the game.

It may have seemed an odd match, the scrubbed pop beauty and the street-tough New Jacker.

But, as Lynn Hirschberg found, theirs is a real and complex marriage—and now there’s a new addition on the way.

“He was never shy,” says Tommy Brown, his brother and manager. “That’s why I still have boyish ways about myself.”When he was 11, his boyhood friend James “Jimbo” Flint was stabbed to death in a fight.

“Not Bobby.” He began winning talent shows, but he was still a baby criminal. “That was the turning point in my life,” he says now.

Brown is angling to play dice, but the other guys want to stick with coins.

Another neighborhood kid wants to get into the game, and Brown says, “Sure. Brown, who is only 23, grew up in Boston’s Orchard Park projects.

Whether or not they were ever lovers (again, Houston denies this), their relationship is fascinating for its fierce intensity.


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