nyu local stern speed dating - Yoon eun hye and kim jong kook dating

However I think she only came twice during the time KJK in X-man.

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They became a good friend after filmed the music video until now.

Maybe because KJK don't really interact with her before their scandal so MC Yoo did it.

I have to remember which episode and their moment then.

So here are the name, Kang Eun Bi, Hwang Bo, Shin Ae.

Nowadays there are people who still talk about their scandal.

It's just maybe their loveline during X-man left a big impression and make people think that they dated in real life.

Actually I don't really like to use the word "scandal" but if I put loveline, he didn't have a loveline with some of these women.

Also, I don't like to see him in loveline except for the fact that I can see romantic side of him.

However his answer for the question about YEH in the show Golden Fishery became an issue.


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