Your dating coach

Arnie, his ‘no nonsense’ style has added a degree of certainty through a very uncertain process.

Getting dating advice on the ‘spur of the moment’ or answers to questions I’ve had has been so important.

My job is to get you unstuck and stop the struggle your love life has become.

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No matter where in your journey you are now — just starting, had some experiences, or already found the right woman, and want to ensure your love will last — the VIP-Coaching Package will offer unorthodox solutions.

This training expands way beyond a mere "how to date Slavic women" instruction manual.

The 8-hour audio track along with 154-page manual (plus 2 workbooks) offer practical insights into all facets of dating Ukrainian, Russian and Slavic women.

Find out from a relationship coach what works and what hurts your chances. Save money and time in your quest to find the love of your life - sign up today!

I have definitely benefited from Arnie’s experience and guidance through this difficult process and I cannot thank him enough for his help!

Created by the dating coach for men, the program is based on Elena's unique 17-year experience.Read more“I had been dating on the Upper West Side for for about 5 years before I met my fiancee.Dating had been a challenging experience and meeting Jon though wonderful, also had its challenges.During our courtship and up until our engagement, I discussed the goings on of the relationship with Arnie.He helped me put things into perspective.”“Arnie helped me tremendously throughout my dating process.The simple plan of finding the right candidates and selecting the perfect match, with down-to-earth, straightforward explanations make it easy to follow and achieve your goals.


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